Thursday, September 29, 2011

How to make your man feel loved? I wish one day...;)

This is how I will do to the one i love. Sounds funny but i don't know how to explain it. Just go through it and you will know. enjoy!

Jump up and greet him warmly when he gets home..

When you've had a long day and you're finally stretched out on the couch watching your favourite TV series when you hear your man arriving home. Resist the urge to send out a muffled "hi honey" from underneath the throw - instead get up to meet him at the door with a smile and a kiss. He'll feel like he's #1 in your world! Turning your full attention to him also helps the two of you re-connect after a day apart, and sets the stage for a great evening together.How sweet is that? :p

Fix his favorite yummy homemade breakfast.;)

There's some truth to the old saying "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach"! Try this on a weekend morning when neither of you feels too rushed. Fix nasi lemak, pancake, scrambled egg or whatever your man loves best...then sit down next to him and take your time eating together and talking. He'll love it that you made the effort to prepare a special meal for him. He's so lucky to be with a domestic queen like you!(Yeah rite...haha..but its true!)

Plan a night out and take him to a movie you know he'd enjoy.

You get extra points if he knows it's not one you'd normally pick (note: it's totally okay to close your eyes during the violent parts.) It's a great boost for a man's ego to walk into a guy movie with you by his side. If you keep an upbeat demeanor and just enjoy the fact that you're giving your man a truly enjoyable night out, he'll feel like the luckiest man alive. Like myself, i don't really into violent genre,but anything to pleased my man surely you have to!

Express appreciation.

I'm sure you thank your man on those occasions when he does something that strikes you as particularly thoughtful and sweet - but you can make him feel loved any day by simply noticing the small kindnesses that often go overlooked. If your man opens the door for you, takes the trash out, opens a tight lid, or fixes the drain, take the opportunity to let him know you appreciate him. A warm smile and a quick word of thanks will remind him that he's admired and valued just for who he is. Who wouldn't love that?

And for man: come on, show some love. Loving someone but not telling and not showing, is like wrapping a gift without giving it. ;)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tolerant and pleased.

Ya Allah,

Am i doing right? How am i supposed to express everything out ? i have tried my best to rebuilt back.

Ya Allah,

Help me. I am not the strongest nor the weakest one..but i want to make it happen .. To your path Ya Allah.

Ya Allah,

I am so bless with the chance that given. Ya Allah please help me go throughout this things.

Ya Allah,

I have no revenge to anyone.But please make this heart soft and being forgiving Ya Allah.

Amin . Amin . Amin .

its been a sad gloomy day for me.but i know..everything that happen will make me realized someday..all kind of things in this world were not mine. i have to accept it for better or worst. only the almighty knows.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I Mean It.

Ten simple ways to fall in love...again:

1. Enjoy memories
We know that our emotions are connected to thoughts, so when we reflect on good, happy memories we recreate the emotions and feelings in our body/mind that went along with the experience. Our great feelings are associated with those we shared the experiences, so while we don't want to live in the past, enjoying our memories together is a simple way to enjoy our partners.

2. Plan for the future and share your dreams
Having something to look forward to is one of the keys to living a happy life. We humans seem to need goals, dreams, hope, and a purpose. Without them we tend to get stuck; life may seem boring or purposeless. When we share our dreams, work toward our goals and envision a future with our partner, we tend to work toward this future. Again, this doesn't mean we don't live in the present and enjoy the moment, it just means we hold our dreams in our hearts.

3. Live in the present
Of course this comes next. Enjoy the moment. Take each second of beauty and expand it, bask in it, allow it to fill your soul. Don't let even one minute of joy, laughter, or pleasure be taken for granted. Allow yourself to treasure the time you have with your partner; look for those moments of quiet peace, or vibrant joy, or wild excitement. If they are few and far between, make more of them!

4. Demonstrate appreciation
Show your partner you care. Tell your spouse you love him. Do everything you can to make sure your beloved knows (doesn't have to guess), that you adore and cherish her. Don't assume they know and don't think that because you mentioned it a few years ago they remember.

5. Look for the good in your partner
Remember when you first met? You saw nothing wrong with your significant other. She was fabulous; he was perfect. Of course in time we tend to see a little more of each other and that impression may fade just a tad so consciously find (not just look) for the great qualities and traits of your mate. Don't just come up with a thing or two, how about write down a hundred wonderful things about your partner, then share it!

6. Engage in new activities
Humans tend to thrive on new experiences. There is something innate in us where we want to learn, grow, and expand our knowledge, understanding, or talents. It seems to me that we often get into ruts with our partners, doing the same things over and over again when one of the great ways to get out of the rut and to put some vibrancy into the relationship is to get out and do something new. Try something really unusual, or out of the ordinary for a change!

7. Have lots of fun
It is so much to laugh together. I'm thinking it is nearly impossible to not love those who make us laugh and those whose days we can brighten. Lighten up, find the humor in everything, and have lots of fun.

8. Work on projects together
Be a team! Find something that you and your partner can create together. When a couple is working in unison to bring forth something beneficial to their family, their neighborhood, their community, the world, or even animals, they can create a bond that is incredibly powerful. When working toward an important goal, we tend to see the greatness in each other, find ways to support one another, and have a deeper sense of the importance and strength of the relationship.

9. Remember what is truly important in life
Think about what is important in the long term, not what will give you a moment of pleasure. Reflect on how you want your life to be remembered when you are ninety years old. Ponder what you truly value in life. Remind yourself of your core personal values or morals. It might be that you move from wanting more excitement in your life right now to holding a desire for true and lifelong devotion and love.

10. Give attention and support your beloved
It sounds strange but we know that the more we give, care, or serve another the more we love them; NOT the more they love us but the more we love them. We love those to whom we give love and care and attention and service. The more you give the more you love. Cool!

Don't give up. So long as you believe the relationship is worth saving, so long as you want the relationship to be healed I hold it as possible. Remember relationships are not the fantasy of perfect bliss for eterntiy. They are a dynamic process that may have some low and high moments; they have their struggles and challenges. The key to keeping the relationship alive is to move through the problems and not let them take over your life and your love!

i wish i can have my second chance :(

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My heart broke the day I realized loving you meant letting you go. :( :(

I've been walked on, used and forgotten and I don't regret one moment of it because in those moments, I've learned a lot. I've learned who I can live and can't. I've learned the meaning of relationship. I've learned how to tell when people are lying and when they're sincere. I've learned how to be a human, and how to grow up when I need to. I've been to hell and back a few times, and I won't ever take what I have for granted. This is life, live it one day at a time. You never know how many days you've got left. People made some is up to his/her partner to accept or to leave it. Same goes with you. I understand my mistakes is unforgivable. And trust me, i wont do anything to betrayed our relationship. Memories made to be keep but i wish i can throw it away because memories keep playing in my mind like a videos without a sound. I wish i can get back to you but i know someone deserve your love more than i do. :(

p.s: take care. i will always love you. i will stop chasing the things i cant have. it hurts but i know you are the one who hurts a lot.