Tuesday, February 17, 2015


If you have a strong relationship ever..would it be useful for your future? or it just an obstruction for yourself to achieve a good life? Such a weird world we living in. When you get what you want, and suddenly you just threw it away..such an idiot person to make a decision like that isn't it? What kind of person are you? Are you the one who appreciate a long lasting relationship or you are the the type of person that I discuss about? But somehow in this wide world, I believe that there is still a person who did care about other people feeling no matter how they met each other or what brings them together. All they need is lesson and a good karma. Every gentleman need a decent lady, how about the vice versa? God plan is very interesting isn't it?

Monday, January 5, 2015


Everything seems new..feels like yesterday all that black history crushed and destroy my life in a blink of eyes. And yeah..its 2015, new book and new life as usual. A cliche question..What is your new year resolutions? My answer would be...fix the past. As you know, you need to be good to your past so you can make a great move for your future, and for sure i want to be happy and not being lonely. Its hard living in a world that you yourself couldn't understand. Me..myself also haven't figure out what happen in a year or two.. everything went by so fast like a roller coaster and you wouldn't know when its stop. I am not sure whether i need to feel the happiness or just lonely. How about you?

blank note for ex

Although you no longer mine I cant never forget you The way you call my name Feel as if you're still there Deep in my heart You still have me For me..right here i always pray for you So that you will not continue to hurt yourself anymore You're happy encounter Although I was not there with you Don't be mad.. I will always be there From a distance you'll mine From a distance I still loving you One world, against our love Finally we separated... I am not regret loving you I wish you well in life