Tuesday, February 14, 2012

the flightless bird

This keyboard feels so new, so interesting, almost like I've never told a story here before.its been awhile..

Life has a funny way of making you feel special and at the very next moment, taking it that feeling right from inside of you. I fell in love again today and it keeps happening. I hate the thought of loving this guy so much that I almost seem to forget myself and at the end of the day, I question the idea of what I want, where I wanna go and more importantly, who I am.

I spend my days either work or with him. We practically do nothing but the best part is that we don't really have to. Like how we spent a whole night just watching movies and laughing in each others' arms and I remember thinking to myself how grateful I am that I could be that way with someone and especially with him.

Though all this, I am constantly plagued with the idea that he would eventually hurt me, that he would eventually find someone better and leave. Maybe it's only my insecurities or maybe it's because it has happened before but he's one person I am actually afraid of losing.

I don't know, maybe it's just me. Or maybe, because, somewhere deep down inside of me, you already hurt me.


LoveBeing said...

Don't worry about the future!
What really matters in Love is to Love! Give all you've got! Feel all the love you can feel! Be Happy and Enjoy the blessing of the love and relationship that you have! So many people are so lonely and deppressed and you've got this treasure of Love in your life! So enjoy! bask in it! and don't let the fear come between you and your love! For True Love is mostly in the giving.. What you give and what You Love.. Just like God loves us unconditionally without expecting to give anything back.. so we can and should Love.. For in this is the Truest & Purest Joy..

I hope you'll Always love like this and Trsut like this and even more!

Lots of Love!
Gil :-)

purple puppet said...

thanks Gil ;)